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"A dream without a plan is just a wish."
Erik W. Hallberg

From an early stage in my life I became interested in psychology, philosophy, and personal growth.

Influenced by the rational world however I chose to become an Engineer.

After a couple of decades with improving the quality of material things I realised that I wasn’t happy and I wanted to go back to my original passion.

So for quite a number of years I studied personal growth, life coaching, life purpose, mindfulness and more.

Eventually all that input resulted in a long road trip and a major life change as the outcome.

I came to realise that what I really wanted my life to be about was to work with improving the quality of people’s lives. To help people navigate through all the distractions, challenges and situations that keep us stuck in life.

Through my own journey I have amassed a substantial amount of knowledge and experience that is now part of my toolkit that I now can use to help you find your way through your dark woods.

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